GOSSIP: Man cancels wedding after his bride refuses to disclose the man who gifted her iPhone 13 Pro Max



When his fiancée refused to reveal who gave her an iPhone 13 Pro Max, the young man decided to call off his wedding.



The phone was a gift to the woman, Susan, just a few days before they were married.

When Susan’s soon-to-be husband, Mr. Raymond, found out, he questioned her about the gift, but she refused to share it.










The story was reported on social media by @BolanleCole, who said that Raymond canceled the wedding because Susan insisted on keeping the gifter’s identity a secret.



Raymond was suspicious about Susan’s behavior, so he decided to call it quits to avoid any problems.

Many online users supported his decision, with some arguing that it’s preferable to have a strained relationship than a problematic marriage.

Others concurred that Susan’s failure to disclose the source of the costly present raised suspicions because it suggested a degree of secrecy that might be detrimental to a marriage.

The anecdote provoked a conversation on communication, trust, and the value of honesty in partnerships.