10 clear signs that you are dating the wrong person–KOSERENAIJA

In a new relationship but wondering if they’re not the right person for you? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the 10 clear signs that you are dating the wrong person. Dating is can be tricky. We all know this. It can be fun but it also be exhausting. What’s worse […]


Tourism & Culture : The Reason Why The Himba People In Namibia Don’t Take Baths

Namibia is a beautiful country that sits in the southern part of Africa. The country has a beautiful landscape that is dotted with glorious mountains, the Fish River Canyon, gold-grass plains of the Kalahari and wildlife. All of these make Namibia an interesting tourist destination However, the peculiar custom of the Himba tribe in Namibia […]


Health:How to test pregnancy at home with salt–KOSERENAIJA

Are you timid of visiting a hospital to confirm whether you are pregnant or not? Well apart from pregnancy test kits , there are simple ways that have proven to work. In fact, they are cheap and most importantly you will not incur an immense cost.  From a biological point of view, pregnancy test identifies […]

[A Must Read ] Nigerian doctor warns ladies on the dangers of fixing eyelashes:–KOSERENAIJA

A Nigerian doctor at Mushin General Hospital , Dr Ayopo Adeyemi has revealed the dangers of wearing faux lashes The new trend of fixing lashes has been widely adopted by many Nigerian ladies as a beauty enhancer and fashion necessity  It turns out the fashion is more dangerous than perceived to its subscribers Nigerian medical […]

Do you know how much prize money for Champions League final ?–KOSERENAIJA

Welcome to KoserenaijaSoccer : We think you  need to know the earning of Uefa  Champions League as a soccer fans.  The Champions League isn’t just about the excitement and notoriety of being delegated the best group in Europe. It’s additionally about the cash. The prepares. The frosty, hard money. Consequently the temples wrinkling in the meeting […]

[A Must Read] 9 Most Celebrated International Artistes You Won’t Believe Are Nigerians–KOSERENAIJA

Welcome to KosereNaija: Entertainment .      Is so wonderful to know that Nigerians are all over the world’s biggest music industries.  No doubt, the growth and importation of African music world wide is synonymous with Nigeria. The Afro pop and juju music, which is one of the biggest genre of music in the world, is […]

Goood Morning: Day Of Remembrance :My Prayers And Wishes for You–KOSERENAIJA

KosereNaijaMorningPrayers 🙏 Let us  take a moment to glorify the name of God who made it possible for you and I to wake up from our deep sleep this  morning to witness his glory in our lives.  Today; whoever must take decision on your case will not have rest . God will trouble their hearts that they […]

[ Download VIDEO ]Happy Ramadan Kareem To All Muslims–KOSERENAIJA

KoserenaijaVideo: Download Video mp4 .Happy Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims . KosereNaija Media recognises the season  of Islamic  Ramadan Kareem set aside for all Muslim faithful wait unto Allah  in Fasting that should last 30 day.  To you all Muslims faithful world wide : We wish you all a successful fasting period, peace in you homes, in […]

Meet The Top 10 Richest Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth – 2018–KOSERENAIJA

Koserenaija 2018 Top  Richest Musicians 🎶  in  Nigeria The Music and Entertainment industry is one of the best things that happened to the sleeping giant called Nigeria. Besides the oil & gas sector, the entertainment industry is about the most viable sector of our economy. Our dear Nigerian musicians have been doing us proud and they […]

1986 World Cup was held in Mexico after which country pulled out as host? –KOSERENAIJA

  Colombia was originally chosen as hosts by FIFA in June 1974. However, the Colombian authorities eventually declared on 5 November 1982 that they could not afford to host the World Cup under the terms that FIFA demanded because of economic concerns. Mexico was selected on 20 May 1983 as the replacement hosts, beating the […]